Black Magic premiered to a sold-out audience in the 540-seat Loeb Mainstage at the American Repertory Theater on April 1st, 2016. Written by five Black Harvard students, the play follows a group of Black college students coming of age in the time of Black Lives Matter through their personal journeys with race, sexuality, and gender-- in a world, and on a campus, where racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia are a constant presence.

At times funny, at times poignant, at times painful, Black Magic explores what it means to be politicized as a black student in this media-infused moment when we are constantly flooded with news of black death, what it means to care for your friends when their bodies are under attack. But it’s also about fighting back, about rising up, about the intimate and public moments of resistance young black people lead every day. It’s about black queer love. It’s about unconventional activism. It’s about the necessity of imagination and the power of dreams.

After a year of campus protests, when black students at the University of Missouri had their lives threatened for standing up, when women of color at Yale led a movement that gained national attention, when black students across the country organized sit-ins, rallies, and marches on campuses across the nation-- it’s time for black students to take over the biggest stage on Harvard’s campus to tell a multidimensional story about being black on campus in the context of a nationwide struggle for justice.


Black Magic

A BlackCAST Production presented with the Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club

Written by: Ian Askew, Jennifer Gathright, Darius Johnson, Madison Johnson, and Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence

Director – Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence

Producers – Jennifer Berrian and Jennifer Gathright

Assistant Director – Ian Askew

Stage Manager – Darius Johnson

Set Designer – Madison Johnson

Sound Designer – Ciara Adkins

Technical Director – Jesus Moran

Light Designer – Shanelle Villegas

Projection Designers – Faye Zhang and Zachary Wong

Costume Designer – Elodie St. Louis

Assistant Technical Director – Inaara Shiraz

Assistant Stage Manager – Danny Rodriguez